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Best Conditioner for Damaged Hair

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Ep 3: Of ExploIts and Exploitations

Girls with long hair get exploited when they are in a compromised position, for example, when their hair is frozen in a tall, painful spire. When in doubt, seek the advice of older girls with long hair for the best frizzy hair solutions.

Hello guys, welcome back to Girls With Long Hair with me, Dr.TWL.

Today, we are going to cover a very painful subject. And when I say painful, I mean, just envision: your long hair frozen in a tall painful spire. Remember I told you about the makeup event where I was asked to shave off my brows? And.. I said no? Well actually, I was so lost then I think I could have said yes. Simply because someone told me that girls with long hair should try to dispel misconceptions about them being more difficult. This reminds us also about why I definitively said no. I asked another older girl with long hair, what she would do. 

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On that note, life is such that it is still grievously unfair for girls with long hair. That, when we say no. Others still assume that it’s a half yes. Then they proceed to shave off most of your brows still until its a pathetic thin arc. Yes, our voices and eyebrows are invisible.

Learning the hard way that you can’t have healthy hair without the best conditioner for damaged hair

best conditioner for damaged hair - Dr.TWL Hair Mask Bar
The Dr.TWL Hair Mask Bar System is developed with a focus on environmentally conscious, science-backed botanical ingredients for a deep-conditioning home hair spa treatment. Our haircare formulation delivers salon-results, without the toxic chemical runoff associated with the traditional haircare industry.

And as if life isn’t cruel enough to our eyebrows. When you discover that your long hair is now a straggly tangled mess after 3 rounds of vigorous shampooing to get rid of the sprays, gels, extensions and glues that were used to create the client’s vision of the leaning tower of, whatever, you are now left completely heartbroken. You sit at home, full of regret, ruminating about your next course of action. 

And then the next day you meet some girls with long hair who had their hair frozen in the spire too, or variations of the spire. And then you notice, to your horror, their hair looks perfectly fine, and so do their eyebrows.  Then, you start to think, that you, were the only victim. Of this show, called life… of Girls with long hair.  Not only that, you start to recount with excruciating detail, how their hairstyles were unfair… ly gentle. While YOU were chosen to be the martyr. Life, isn’t fair.  What can you do? 

How do you repair damaged hair?

Turns out. Nothing. The damage is done. Your brows are gone and your long hair will never recover. What do you do? You smile and act like you are just having a bad hair day while chatting with the other girls about how much fun you guys are having. Laughing, smiling, acting like nothing is wrong. When deep down inside. The excruciating loss of your eyebrows and your previous glossy shiny hair… slowly eats you up inside. 

The day ends. You are indeed the only casualty. You go to bed feeling absolutely dejected. But there in the deep dark abyss… you see a ray of light. You refuse to accept the reality and start to think what you can do to repair the damage. But how does one repair hair damage? Google didn’t exist then, or it wasn’t even a search engine. The very next day I went to the only place I knew… the Pharmacy. A trip that changed my life forever. 

Best conditioner for damaged hair

Botanically derived ingredients to thicken the hair shaft with each treatment. Extends growth phase of the hair cycle and promotes hair shine. Dermatologist formulated as part of hair loss treatment. Volumizing hair conditioner.

Welcome to Dr.TWL Pharmacy.  A paradise for the best conditioners for damaged hair, hair serums and masks. Here, you get tried and tested formulas for hair repair. Our best seller is the Hair Thickening Mask, made with 11 nature derived actives to build resilient hair including glycerin, panthenol, opuntia humifusa flower extract, soy bean, hydrolysed corn wheat and silk proteins, vitamin C and E. Last but not least, we have camellia japonica,  the hair growth cycle extender that promotes hair shine. The Hair Thickening Mask is dermatologist formulated with botanical ingredients designed to thicken the hair shaft with each treatment. A volumising hair conditioner that thickens each strand of hair, it is ideal for fine, thinning hair, or damaged hair, or as part of hair loss treatment. Get it now at

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