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3 Best Hair Conditioners For Frizzy Hair

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Best Hair Conditioners Hair Thickening Mask

Searching for the best hair conditioners for frizzy hair? The Hair Thickening Mask by Dr.TWL Pharmacy contains 11 botanically derived actives that thicken each individual strand of hair to volumise fine frizzy hair strands.

Ep 2:  The Mystery of Frizzy Hair & the Art of Imprisoning Butterflies

What girls with long hair think about all day long. Frizzy hair is just one of our many troubles, but what if someone else points it out to us? In this episode, Dr. Teo Wan Lin schools you in the art of the riposte.

Hi guys, welcome back to the second episode of Girls With Long Hair.

Like all long haired girls who only get clever with time, we should be clever enough to reflect on what happened to our hair in order to find divine answers to frizzy hair problems. So today, we shall be having a quiet episode where we will reflect on ourselves. 

Sorry, I can’t keep quiet. I am a chatterbox and having long hair also means that I am unfairly labelled vain and maybe, hair-brained. But anyway, us long haired girls are used to hiding our hair-intelligence behind our luscious locks. Afterall, not everyone gets to hear our secrets. Only our best friends. On a serious note, here are my lessons from the first episode, which if you haven’t listened to, you must check out. 

Frizzy hair can be caused by the environment. High humidity causes cuticle disruption. While damaged hair is more susceptible to frizz, healthy hair can become frizzy in humid summer climates as well. The best hair conditioners for frizzy hair focus on repairing the hair shaft to ensure healthy cuticle function. This maximises the ability of the hair cuticle to counteract environmental humidity, as part of healthy self regulation. 

How To Tame Frizzy Hair 

Lesson #1 Frizzy hair solutions are disproportionately important to girls with long hair

How many combs and brushes do you have? I may be obsessed with hair accessories but I hate combing or brushing my hair. But simply  because tangles are an irreversible nightmare, I do comb my hair everyday.

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The best hair conditioners for frizzy hair may help to smoothen the cuticle and repair hair damage. However, it is important to also use the correct brush to help neutralise environmental static, caused by high humidity. The Hair Relaxing Comb uses waveform technology to treat the hair cuticle, instantly relaxing hair and also eliminating all frizz. 

Life’s greatest mystery: dreadlocks that appear out of nowhere

Do you get these dreadlocks especially for hair over the nape of your neck?  For no reason at all? This to me, is one of life’s greatest mysteries waiting to be solved, by only the best detectives. Taking the form of long haired girls all over the world banding together in unified sisterhood.

I don’t get it. I always comb my hair before tying it up in a ponytail. However, somehow, by the end of the day, the hair that is nearest the nape of my neck, always gets tangled up in one hot mess. I have since resorted to braiding it but to my horror, hair still finds a way to get dreadlocked by the end of the day. By the way, I also braid my hair when I sleep in my Cocoon, oops, I meant Silk Hair Cap. 

Silk Hair Night Cap
Sleeping with a silk hair cap can be one of the best hair conditioners for frizzy hair. The LipiSilk Cocoon Silk Night Cap is made from no ordinary silk. Rather, it is spun from mulberry silk, made from the silk produced by silkworms fed mulberry leaves exclusively. Mulberry silk has the highest content of proteins sericin, which naturally restores the hair cuticle and eliminates frizz caused by environmental static. 

Lesson #2 For girls with long hair, frizzy hair solutions like hair treatments or hair conditioners are answers to life’s greatest tragedies

My personal passion has always been hacking the best salon hair treatments at home. I mean, who has the time to spend 2 hours at a salon when you can spend 10 hours at home? It’s all about priorities. Over 2 decades I have tried almost every hair conditioner or treatment mask available in drugstores, salons, hair- end, I mean high end beauty retailers. I must remind you, that as a girl with long hair who has all these credentials,  I am extremely well qualified to give advice on hair conditioners. In fact, one of my must-do’s whenever I travelled to a new country was to check out their drugstore, sometimes for skincare(boring) but always for hair conditioners, ampoules and.. best of all, hair accessories. 

Paddle Brush Hair Conditioner
Hair brushing itself is one of the best ways to condition hair. Hair brushing can be thought of as a form of scalp massage. It redistributes the scalp’s natural oils, one of the best hair conditioners for frizzy hair that the body makes for itself! Wooden paddle brushes are gentler on hair than boar bristles or plastic/synthetic brushes. They also redistribute oils evenly.

Ever since I was 10, those rainbow colored goodie hair elastics in deluxe bonus packs were to me what candies are to you kids. Ooh, when I was 9. I think I remember now why I started keeping a ponytail.

Childhood Memories

My best friend then was Stephanie, who is still my friend by the way, since us long haired girls don’t have that many real long haired friends, you know what I mean. Stephanie had just transferred in from another school and she had long hair worn in a ponytail and was so pretty! I knew she had to become my best friend so I could… haha steal her hair secrets. She always wore scrunchies and colored leggings and so I decided I should do that too. Except, I bought the same leggings as she did and I looked ridiculous. Well at least, we could wear matching scrunchies while we wagged our ponytails in unison catching butterflies in her condominium compound.

Smart Hair Spirals
Using the best hair conditioners for frizzy hair sure can make all the difference to tame your locks. However, it is important not to neglect the type of hair accessories used. Hair elastics can exert traction on the scalp, causing hair loss known as traction alopecia. Traditional hair elastics can also cause snags in hair, ripping out hair causing breakage and damage. The Smart Spirals are designed to keep hair securely in place without exerting tension on the scalp. They are also snagless, which means they do not rip your hair out or cause breakage.

The Art of Capturing Butterflies

Catching butterflies, for what? I was very obsessive with capturing butterflies when I was 10. Yup, we were nasty little long haired girls with a penchant for making prisoners out of beautiful fluttering free souls who were prettier than us. We had a big white net attached to a handle which we purchased from Toys R Us, specifically engineered for high precision swooping over unsuspecting butterflies. Except, most of the time, all we caught were tiny dreary brown moths. We did see colourful beautiful butterflies, sometimes, but they always got away. There were the standard plain yellow ones which at first were mundane compared to the true multi colored butterflies, but later became at least a more realistic target – which, by the way, we never reached. I’m not sure if we clocked 10,000 hours swooping butterflies, but I am pretty sure we gave up eventually. 

Frizzy Hair Conditioners

By the way, it is now time for some ads. Get your frizzy hair solutions at Dr.TWL Pharmacy. Girls with long hair often struggle with keeping their hair neat and groomed. Dr.TWL Pharmacy carries a range of hair brushes and tools that we design to tackle frizz without chemical treatments or even styling products. My favorite brush is of course the Dr.TWL Silk Brush named after you know who. The brush tackles the underlying cause of frizz by infusing proteins that mimic the natural keratin coating of hair. Most importantly, it regulates the hair cuticle  microenvironment with patented fibres. These neutralise all the environmental static that causes hair to misbehave. I know us girls with long hair always need proof for such grand claims, so I have included video evidence in my upcoming podcast website which you can refer to. Don’t worry, I’ll remind you when it’s up. 

@drteowanlin For hair as light and smooth as silk .. in the air #showyourhairmoves ♬ original sound – Dr. Teo Wan Lin – By Dr.TWL

The Silk Hair Brush works by nanoparticle technology, creating the ideal microenvironment for optimal cuticle health. The bristles are impregnated with collagen, sealing the cuticle as the best hair conditioner for frizzy hair. 

What To Do When Others Comment On Your Frizzy Hair

On a more serious note, part of the goal of this podcast is for me impart words of wisdom so girls with long hair can appear cleverer to the unenlightened. The next time your date accuses you, how dare he, of frizzy or less than perfect hair. You can patronise him this way. Frizzy hair can actually be attributed to genetics, did you know that there is a condition known as uncombable hair syndrome? It’s also known as spun-glass hair or if he’s French, cheveux incoiffables. Sorry, that sounded like someone spat. Haha. If he remains unimpressed, let him know that it is autosomal recessive most of the time. So if you both have kids together, unless he also has the uncombable hair gene, it is highly unlikely that your kids will have it.

By the way because you are not done patronising him yet, you end your date with this.. But sometimes, maybe not so rarely because the current scientific literature has documented cases of autosomal dominant inheritance of the gene, so that means that even if he doesn’t have the gene, all your children will have uncombable, frizzy hair. That, to me though, isn’t  the perfect way to end a date. What you do now is critical, it will cause him to become the pathetic, helpless man begging to crawl his way back to you, which by the way he never was, when he commented on your hair. 

Portable Hair Brush that Works as Hair Conditioner

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This portable, charge-free brush is the best hair conditioner for frizzy hair in the form of a comb. Condition your hair on the go and watch your hair immediately transform in front of your own eyes!

This is the moment when you whip out your Dr.TWL Silk Brush, wield it in front of his face like magic wand and watch his response as he sees your hair transform right in front of his eyes. To the shiny, smooth, frizz-free dream hair that us long haired girls all want to have.

The Dr.TWL Silk Hair Brush is made from patented nanofibres releasing ions that immediately neutralises hair static and frizz. It doesn’t require electricity, charging or batteries of any kind. Best of all, it is portable and always works which means you get to bring it wherever you go to fight frizz and mean comments, Get it now at

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