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How to Tie a Perfect ponytail

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Do We Really Know What We Want?

Lesson #5 Some girls with long hair have superpowers to keep their hair in place. Whatever they say about frizzy hair solutions does not make sense. Today, we will share the best hair tips on how to tie a perfect ponytail.

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Welcome back! Today, we are going to have a serious discussion about the inequalities that exist in our world. For instance, why are long haired girls often, labelled. As vain? 

Maybe, we like it. Maybe, no one is labelling us. It’s in our own heads.

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You know, when I was growing up, I wasn’t allowed to have long hair. Until I was 10. When I became a little bit rebellious. I told my mother that I had enough of being a good short haired girl. I told her that my best friend Stephanie had a nice long ponytail which made her so pretty. That I wanted to be like her too. I said, that she looked especially cool, when she swung her ponytail as she walked. My ponytail wanted to swish too. Except, I didn’t have a ponytail.

The excuses that I had heard before my great showdown, you know, as my true rebellious self emerged. Were, you won’t have time to comb your hair. You will feel too hot. You will not look nice. Trust me. It’s easier. 

How to tie a perfect ponytail?

Tip #1: Use the right hair elastic

How to tie a perfect ponytail with the Qraser Smart Volumizer

For a sophisticated and done up look, try out the Qraser Smart Ponytail Volumizer to get a more voluminous ponytail. With advanced polymer technology, this volumizer stretches and conforms to ponytail to provide support without elastic tension

But then the day came, that my inner ponytail would manifest. She had had enough.  She said. 

“I have been hiding in the dark shadows for too long. Let me out!”

She cried. 

And like a two thousand year-old genie, emerge, she did. 

‘Who was it, that rubbed the bottle?” She inquired.

“Why it’s you. WL. Tell me. What is your wish.”

“I wish to be beautiful.” I said.

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“Why that’s what I do. I’m a genie in a bottle.” 

Then I watched the miracle unfold. What was initially just a stub, became long enough. Well, long enough, that perhaps one could begin sweeping. But not quite swishing. 

But you know, the day did come when I was able to swish my ponytail.

And was I happy. But then, it turned out that I didn’t stay happy for long. I thought my ponytail wasn’t thick enough. I saw that Stephanie’s ponytail was longer, thicker than mine. 

Most of all. Her hair was brown. Why of course, she wasn’t pure chinese like me. She was eurasian. Her mother was dutch and her father chinese. My hair was a boring black.

How to tie a perfect ponytail?

Tip #2: Use the right comb

The best tip for flat hair to get more volume in your ponytail is the use the Oil-infused Cuticle Conditioning Comb. Pre-treated wooden comb infused with proprietary botanical oil mix to simulate the natural protective cuticle of healthy hair. Repair the cuticle to improve hair strength and resilience to environmental damage. 

“Dear Genie. Are you there?”

“Yes I am WL. ”

“ Can you make my ponytail brown?”

“Your wish is my command.” The Genie said.

And then I saw that my ponytail had become brown. I was happy. For a little while.

And then I saw again, one day. That another girl. She had a brown ponytail too. And then another girl. Yet another. Before the whole earth was covered with brown ponytails.

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“Dear Genie. Are you there?”

‘Yes I am WL”

“Can you make my ponytail blonde.”

“Your wish is command.” 

And there it was. My blonde ponytail. I wanted to look different, I did. 

Now I wish I could think of a clever ending to this story, but I have none. All I wanted to say was that. Sometimes, we do not know what we want. Especially when we think we do. 

How to tie a perfect ponytail - start with haircare

Creating the perfect up-do starts from haircare. The CutisCool Biological Gel Cap is designed to be a safe and energy-efficient way for home scalp and hair treatments. The biological gel heats up and retains thermal energy generated by the environment and our natural body temperature. It can be used without any mechanical methods of heating, as-is, in the warm shower setting.

Well. I hope you enjoyed this little ditty. Do remember to check out our podcast website, where we also have prepared a little gift of a gratitude journal for you to kickstart your 2023. Till the next episode!


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