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5 Self Care tips 2023

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Self-care for Girls with Long Hair What does self- care mean to you? For me, self-care encompasses—- well for lack of a better word, rituals. Read on more to find out the 5 best self care tips of 2023. You… Read More »5 Self Care tips 2023

3 Best Hair Conditioners For Frizzy Hair

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Searching for the best hair conditioners for frizzy hair? The Hair Thickening Mask by Dr.TWL Pharmacy contains 11 botanically derived actives that thicken each individual strand of hair to volumise fine frizzy hair strands. Ep 2:  The Mystery of Frizzy… Read More »3 Best Hair Conditioners For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair Solutions

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Ep 1: The Tragic Tale of Needy, Frizzy hair  Is frizzy hair the bane of your hair-xistence? It was mine. Living in a tropical climate like Singapore’s made it unbearable. In this podcast, I tell my hair story. Beginning from… Read More »Frizzy Hair Solutions